For Oregon Flowers, an app makes a handy marketing tool

At Oregon Flowers Inc., Tyler Meskers wanted to find a better way to let buyers know what flowers are available when—so he hired a local software developer to create a mobile app. As it turns out, the app not only helps him sell more flowers, it also helps with tracking inventory and forecasting sales.

Visiting wholesalers across the country, Meskers noticed that most of them have posters from growers tacked up on the walls. “There’s always a nice big logo on top, and pictures of the varieties that they grow underneath,” he says. “But all too often, some of the pictures are crossed out with a Sharpie. That doesn’t seem right.”

He approached a local website designer and app developer, appropriately called Full Bloom Digital, about creating an app that would do what the posters do and a lot more. “I was really surprised: it was not expensive at all,” he says. “We tied it in with an updated website.”

Once the project got going, the potential benefits began to multiply. “What I really learned is, when it comes to technology, everything is possible,” Meskers says. “It’s just, how do you connect the dots?”

Editor Bruce Wright wrote an article on Oregon Flowers for Floribusiness magazine. Here you can read the full story.



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