German florist Ewa Sieraszewski

‘Germans are quite conventional in their taste’

What exactly is a concept store?
“We offer an overall aesthetic concept. We sell flowers, plants, interior and fashion accessories, delicatessen and custom made furniture. Products with which people can make a real lifestyle statement. We see that this combination works very well. And it helps us distinguish ourselves in the ever growing market of retailers.”

Is the Advent season off to a good start for you?
“We have plenty of orders, but we’re no longer filling the store with ready-made items like we used to. Nowadays, everybody has their own individual taste. We’re mostly busy making Advent and Christmas decorations for offices. It’s a very busy time for us.”

What type of products are most popular at the moment?
“Ornamental brassicas and pumpkins are popular now, but apart from that we mainly sell roses and gerberas all year round. Germans are quite conventional in their taste.”

Does your range show a strong presence of the Dutch product?
“Absolutely, I’ve been buying from the same Dutch supplier at the wholesale market in Hannover for many years. Their flowers are of very high quality, they’ll stay fresh for at least two weeks after the consumer has taken them home. And their prices are competitive. I do wish they would use more recyclable packaging though.”

STORE Blumen am Aegi
ASSORTMENT 60% flowers, 10% plants, 30% other
SPECIALTY Concept store