Growers and breeders present themselves jointly at the Flora Experience during the Flower Trials

    At the Flora Experience, both growers and breeders present their products. By bringing together different locations, visitors can save valuable time. In the second week of June (Week 24), more than 7,000 people from over 65 different countries will visit the Flower Trials and will aim to see as much as possible in the three regions where the event is organised. The new Flora Experience is organised in the Westland region. The other two regions are Aalsmeer (the Netherlands) and Rhineland Westphalia (Germany).

    The Flora Experience takes place from 12 to 15 June during the Flower Trials in the new World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. The fair is primarily aimed at professionals in the floriculture sector and is the place to talk to growers and breeders and to see the latest trends and novelties in the sector.

    The Flora Experience is an initiative of the World Horti Center and GREENN. The newly opened World Horti Center is the most important innovation centre of the international greenhouse horticulture sector. It is a leading platform where business, education and government jointly innovate, connect, create and inspire. The centre is expected to be visited by about 25,000 international professionals a year.

    The Flower Trials have always been organised to offer breeders the opportunity to present their latest potted and bedding plants to the public. In recent years, many company-based open days have been set up and many companies are looking for a location to jointly present themselves. Therefore, GREENN is collaborating with the World Horti Center to organise the very first Flora Experience.

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