Iran Green Trade Fair 2018 trippled in size

    The 3rd edition of the Iran Green Trade fair (IGTF) will be opening its doors next month on Thursday April 19. The 3-day international trade exhibition for the Iran horticulture and floriculture industry has grown enormously and has become 3 times bigger in size compared to last year. The strong growth is a result of high demand for stand space from countries from both inside and outside Iran.

    For this reason IGTF urgently needed to accommodate many more exhibitors and fortunately found a much bigger hall at the Tehran Exhibition Center(TEC) and will now be able to cover an area of 6,000 m² exhibit space, up from 2,000 m² earlier. The plans of the Iran government to build 40,000 hectares of greenhouses to increase production of horticultural products and produce in the coming years, has accelerated investments in the horticulture sector of Iran and has attracted companies to promote their products and services at next month’s IGTF in Tehran.

    Besides the focus on increasing production of vegetables and fruits for both national consumption and exports, the production of flowers has drawn attention, not only from Iran itself, but also from several neighboring countries. For example Russia has shown serious interest in Iran grown cut roses for the Russian market. A presentation on the export opportunities of Iran roses to Russia during IFTF, is in the making.

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