Jungle Talks to Vietnam

In the past year radio program “Jungle Talks to the World” has been putting the spotlight on horticultural developments around the world. This year, from May 6 onwards, it will continue with new episodes in English, discussing what’s going on in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in 15 different countries. Vietnam is up first, a country that, also in horticulture, is putting itself on the map.

Agricultural Counsellor Willem Schoustra, along with Gerrit Bulk (general manager BeJo Vietnam), Hoshi Lin and Robert Wang (general manager en marketing manager at Royal Base / Apollo Farms) and Rene van Rensen (R&D Director Fresh Studio) will take the audience to Vietnam.

Certain regions in Vietnam, especially Dalat, possess a great natural climate for the production of fresh produce. Labor costs are also attractive and labor quality is excellent. These factors among others, have stimulated the expansion of CEA in the past couple of years. 

On May 6, 16.00 hrs CET Ed Smit will introduce the four guests and the companies/organizations they represent. One week later, they’ll discuss four relevant themes that will give you important insights in Vietnam’s current situation and future outlook.

‘Jungle Talks to Vietnam’ is powered by Paprika Tasty Radio and Jungle Talks and supported by Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

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