Magical Garden Plants

“What do we do with special, underexposed plants from our breeding ‘stable’?” , breeder Kolster wondered, says Kitty de Bruin. She is a marketing specialist at Kolster BV. The breeder from Boskoop has been using the Magical brand for cut flowers such as hypericum, rosehip, eryngium and the potted hydrangea for years.

This was not the case for Photinia Volcano, Nadino Lemon and Lime, Hydrangea Paniculata, Geranium Delight and Eryngium Blue Globe. “Five heroes” that Kolster selected. Kolster markets these plants in collaboration with growers under the label Magical Garden Plants.

Red foliage

Photinia Magical Volcano is a compact growing evergreen shrub. Its red leaves and compact growth make it suitable for solitary placement, but it is also suitable for hedges. Due to its continuous growth process, the Magical Volcano shows its red foliage throughout the season. This plant originally grows in Southeast Asia and the Himalayas, here this shrub has to do with a snowy environment. The red leaf color protects against sunburn. (..)

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