Meet The Ladies’ Circle at Greentech Amsterdam

    TLC is a network of female professionals working throughout the floricultural value chain.

    This active network encourages female leadership by supporting women in present and future leadership roles. By facilitating the sharing of connections , experiences , knowledge and insights they contribute to more appreciation for female leaders in floriculture and their perspectives.

    Today still there are woman underrepresented in floricultural leadership. TLC will support and inspire each other while developing the network, the skills and the experience to become impactful leaders in floriculture.

    At Greentech you can meet The Ladies’ Circle at their TLC XXL event: ‘Magic happens when you connect’.  

    At this event Julia jarova and Nicole Edelenbos will speak about Female leadership, and there is plenty of time for networking and to get to know eachother.

    You can read more and register here

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