The merger is a powerful, new beginning for our sector

Growers and traders are joining forces – digitally. More than 100 years ago, when the first flower auction was founded, people probably couldn’t imagine this to happen one day. The growers that are joined in the Royal FloraHolland (RFH) marketplace will be digitally linked to a strong group of trading companies, including international ones.

Two leading platforms are merging: traders’ platform Blueroots and growers’ platform Floriday. The collaboration marks a historic moment in our sector. Historic, because this digital collaboration leads to a more formal connection. And, although there’s still a lot to be done, both by RFH and by Blueroots, we now have ‘white smoke’. From now on, we really have joined forces.

Personally, I am delighted with this development. The merger is a powerful, new beginning for our amazing sector. And that’s just what we need with the many challenges awaiting us the coming years. Think, for example, of the stagnating consumer spending on plants and flowers and the effects of political developments such as Brexit. Not to mention the cost inflation and the increasing social pressure regarding sustainability-related topics within the entire floriculture sector.

When it comes to sustainability, logistics and marketing, the different parties in the sector already managed to find each other very well the past couple of years. Paving the way for a joint digital transformation was much more difficult. Now that we’ve overcome that hurdle, I am looking forward to all new challenges with confidence. It’s full speed ahead from now on. The marketplace will be focusing on its core activities: logistics and IT, while trading companies will be entirely focusing on marketing and customers.

On top of that, all parties involved are receiving excellent support from important branch organisations such as the VGB, Floridata, Flower Council of Holland, and that same marketplace. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one conclusion: our sector’s future is looking bright.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start this new year!

Marco van Zijverden

CEO Dutch Flower Group


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