Myplant & Garden has been rescheduled again

Myplant & Garden has been postponed to 15, 16, 17 February 2021. The current circumstances have persuaded both exhibitors and the management of the event to reschedule it again.

The postponement is the result of a choice expressed by the vast majority of exhibiting companies, that have shared their needs and wishes with the management. February 2021 has emerged as the best option.

This choice is largely shared also by international buyers, who considered: “The Expo can be held only if maximum security and freedom of movement can be guaranteed. The standards of quality and internationality need to be met, also considering the investments that have been made.”

Freez the fees

In order to better lead exhibitors towards next year’s rendezvous, the management will freeze the fees that the companies had already settled and it will keep them valid for 2021. Even though such resources had already been invested to organise the February 2020 edition.

In the meantime, Myplant has developed in order to widen the commercial and communication opportunities of its exhibitors. Myplantonline will keep developing and it will blend with the real event.

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