New Floral Pavilion scenery for floral demonstrations at Flower Expo Poland

    The tradeshow Flower Expo Poland, which will be held from 31 August until 2 September at Expo XXI in Warschau (PL), offers not only a platform for offer and demand but also some side-activities. An extended seminar program with relevant topics will be presented as well as a floral demonstration program. Together with the company GREENN the demo area will be shaped as a floral shop in which the demonstrations will take place.

    The following floral designers are going to perform during the three expo days: Roman Steinhauer (RU), Tomasz Kuczyński (PL), Zygmunt Sieradzan (PL) and Johan Martens (NL). Flower Expo Poland is organised in close cooperation with the Polish agency of the Polish Nurserymen Association – Agencja Promocji Zieleni.

    Floral Pavilion
    GREENN organises a floral pavilion during the Flower Expo Poland in which growers of flowers and plants as well as suppliers of vases and pots, can participate. Participants can showcase their products during the three expo days and their flowers and plants will be used during the floral demonstrations. Florists can obtain information about new and/or special varieties and get inspired by new techniques. The floral pavilion will also be a place to meet for florists, suppliers and growers. Companies who want to expose there products can contact the organiser:


    Next to the cooperation with GREENN, the Polish Florists Association (Stowarzyszenie Florystów Polskich-SFP) is involved in the realisation of the demo-program. Thursday 31 August, Zygmunt and Roman will do a duo-presentation twice a day. Tomász Max Kuczyński is going to inspire the florists twice on Friday 1 September. On Friday and/or Saturday 2 September Johan Martens will perform. The SFP organises a few FlowerBattles on this day too. The public will be challenged to cope with professional florists during this spectacular events. On top of this all, some floral schools will climb on the podium on Thursday and Friday to share with the visitors what they have learned so far. The final program will be published one of these days on the website:, as well as the final seminar program.

    Ambassadors & supporting partners

    This floral pavilion is being supported by the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw. Next to them, the next companies are also part of the supporting team of the expo: SIGMA PR-bureau Warsaw, The Polish Florists Association (Stowarzyszenie Florystów Polskich), The Dutch Embassy in Warschau, the Wholesalers Association for the traders of flower and plants (VGB), Floribusiness, Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij, Floral Daily, Plastiflora Poland, GREENN, Union Fleurs and Floral Moments are the partners and ambassadors of Flower Expo Poland, who actively spread the word.

    Only a few stands are available for the second edition of Flower Expo Poland.

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