New group for flower auction markets

    AIPH will establish a new group for flower auction markets enabling information sharing and scope for improved efficiencies and increased sales for the benefit of growers. That is a part of its Strategic Plan until 2020.

    In support of the industry AIPH will increase demand for ornamental trees, plants and flowers by approving, promoting, overseeing and monitoring at least four International Horticultural Exhibitions between 2018 and 2020, in three continents, that will attract over 25 million visitors to over 1000 hectares of exhibition for 24 months. Exhibitions will focus on the need for more living green in cities and will stimulate horticultural demand.

    AIPH will also establish itself as the central international body for communicating the benefits of the Green City and facilitating international co-operation.

    Furthermore AIPH will hoste three International Green City Conferences that will try to persuade city decision makers on the need for city greening.

    AIPH will stimulate competition and best practice sharing between cities to use living green for addressing environmental, social, and health challenges through development of a new Green City awards program.

    AIPH will promote and protect the interests of the industry by identifying a common approach to improving plant health in production and minimizing phytosanitary threats between countries.

    The international organisation will represent growers’ interests against legislative measures that could restrict the ability of growers to have full and free access to plant material for breeding.

    AIPH will also enable growers in different countries to learn from each other and share information that will enable growth in the global market by:

    It will define an International Vision for the global ornamental horticulture industry enabling growers to plan growth strategically with clear insight, using the best statistical data, on the challenges and opportunities in different countries in the future.

    AIPH wille establish a new group for Flower Auction Markets enabling information sharing and scope for improved efficiencies and increased sales for the benefit of growers. It will also establish a program of international conferences for the horticulture industry, linked to AIPH meetings, focused on growing the market, sharing best practice, sustainability and strengthening the industry.

    AIPH will organize the annual AIPH International Grower of the Year Awards and generating worldwide publicity for the best practice shown by its winners.

    Commenting on the new Strategic Plan which was approved by members at its meeting on 23 January 2017 in Dusseldorf, AIPH President, Bernard Oosterom says: “I am excited about the future for our industry and I am pleased to be part of AIPH as it seeks to bring the global ornamental horticulture industry together for the benefit of growers and all those that care about a sustainable future for our world. This new Strategic Plan prepares us for the future and I would encourage everyone in our industry to support our objectives so together we can make the future we all want to see.”