Proven Winners rewards ’most amazing shrub’

The American plant brand Proven Winners has had dozens of novelties participated in Shrub Madness, an annually competition that brings a lot of attention to its plants.

Shrub Madness is based on the American college basketball playoffs. New shrubs from Proven Winners ColorChoice have been selected for the competition. Consumers can vote for their favorite via garden centres and Facebook.

This year there were 64 contenders for the title of ’most amazing shrub’. After the first round four shrubs remained, the so-called Floral Four: Buddleja Pugster Blue, Hydrangea macrophylla Let’s Dance Rhythmic Blue, Rosa Suñorita and Hydrangea serrata Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha. After several voting rounds, the last one won the competition.

Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha is new in American garden centres. This hydrangea blooms with large pink and blue flowers that look like water lilies, according to Proven Winners.

Shrub Madness has been running for six years. With this competition Proven Winners gains a lot of publicity on the market. This year the competition had over 6,000 participants who cast over 287,000 votes.

According to Spring Meadow Nursery who’s leading the shrub program of Proven Winners, there is ’simply no better, more cost-effective way to bring attention to so many plants.’

Photo by Proven Winners

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