Floribusiness Market & Trends Quarter of Wyevale Garden Centres has been sold

Quarter of Wyevale Garden Centres has been sold


Six months after Wyevale Garden Centres was put on sale, a quarter of the UK biggest garden centre chain has been sold to other retailers.

Wyevale Garden Centre has recently announced the sale of four garden centres to In-Excess UK, a discounter chain in the south of England. A fifth garden centre will be sold to English Salvage, a retailer that already sells garden and landscape products.

So far 35 of the 145 Wyevale Garden Centres have been sold. Last summer eight stores went to Blue Diamond Garden and Living Centres. The owner of Wyevale, investment company Terra Firma, started the sale last May. Terra Firma had great expectations of the sale.

Wyevale is currently evaluating offers from more potential buyers. Business is still as usual at the garden centres.

Photo: Arno Engels

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