Floribusiness Raymond Evison: ’It’s our job to make gardening easy’

    Raymond Evison: ’It’s our job to make gardening easy’


    Most people are not gardeners, so breeders have to make gardening easy, says the internationally famous Clematis expert Raymond Evison.

    The Englishman has bred more than 100 new varieties and hybrids of Clematis, and his own brand Raymond Evison Clematis is being sold by UK, US, Canadian and Japanese retailers.

    There are several Clematis groups with their own pruning method. „But for consumers they are a nightmare, as nobody knows what a Clematis viticella of Clematis patens is”, says Evison in an exclusive interview published in the first edition of Floribusiness magazine.

    „It is our job to make gardening easy”, according to Evison, who is also vice president of the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS). „We breed for mass retail and therefore our Clematis can be pruned easily by everyone.”

    Photo: Arno Engels

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