Royal FloraHolland installs Members’ Council

At Royal FloraHolland’s General Members’ Meeting (GMM) on 6 December, the composition of the Members’ Council was announced, after which the Members’ Council was installed. The Members’ Council will start on 1 January 2019 and will consist of 42 members. Prior to and during the GMM, members were able to vote for the candidates selected by the nomination committee. With the establishment of the Members’ Council, the General Members’ Meeting will come to an end.

Jack Goossens, chairman of the Supervisory Board: “As from 1 January, a strong, well-informed Members’ Council will start its work. This council will be a source of expertise and experience in the sector that the cooperative can draw from. The priority is to link the strength of the Members’ Council, underpinned by consultation of the members, with the company in order to achieve more together.” The Members’ Council will organize consultation sessions on important topics and strategic themes. This will provide members with the opportunity to exert influence on Royal FloraHolland’s policy and to feed the Members’ Council with ideas.

Composition of the Members’ Council

The candidates for the Members’ Council were nominated by a committee specially established for this purpose. The committee looked at a number of characteristics, such as the type of cultivation, auction clock or direct, geographical distribution, age, and gender. Of the 42 members, 18 mainly operate via the clock, and 12 mainly operate directly. 25 members are from the floriculture sector, while 15 work in the plant category. The remaining two combine both flowers and plants. Within the Members’ Council, 23 members elected are younger than 50, 4 are female, and 7 are foreign members.

The members of the Members’ council are: Andre Zuidgeest (Gerbera/ cut curcuma, Westland Noord), Arend Vreugdenhil (Alstroemeria Westland West), Arnoud van de Knaap (perennials, Aalsmeer/Flevoland), Avner Sheer, Helianthus, Israël) , Ben Olsthoorn (Kalanchoe, Westland Oost), Bram Bernard (Rose / Phalaenopsis, Aalsmeer/Flevoland), Carlo Elia (Eucalyptus, Italy), Dick Houtenbos (Paeonia Morocco/ Aalsmeer), Edwin Stofbergen (Guzmania, Oostland), Eva van Etten (Succulents, Oostland), Evert van Helvoort (Santini, West Midden Brabant,) Frank Ammerlaan (Rose, Aalsmeer/Flevoland), Frans van den Bos (Bougainvillia, Westland Oost) ,Fred Bunnik, (Kalanchoe Oostland), Goos Hofland (Potplanten, Westland Noord), Herman de Jong (Lelies, Noord Holland), Jaap Evers (Snij-Anthurium, Oostland), Jan Mantel (Tulipa, Noord-Holland), Jay Williams( Rosa, Kenia), Job van Egmond (Tanacetum, Oostland), John van de Slot (Hyacintus, Duin en Bollenstreek), Leon Ammerlaan (Dracaena, Oostland), Lydia Klaver (Lilium en Gypsophila, Noord Holland), Marcel van Tol (Campanula, Rijn & Veenstreek), Marco Mol (Freesia, Noord Holland), Martien Middelburg (Chrysantemum, Westland Oost/ West Midden Brabant), Martien van der Weijden (cut orchids en peony, Aalsmeer/Flevoland), Niels de Groot (Ficus, West Midden Brabant), Paul Koenraadt (Peony, Aalsmeer/Flevoland, Peter Smak (Tulips, Noord Holland), Peter Varekamp (Zantedeschia, Westland Oost), Richard (Kiki) Fernandes (Eryngium, Kenia, ), Rieneke van der Houwen (Hippeastrum, Westland West), Riya (Anjlee) Shah (Rose Kenia), Robin van der Knaap (Hibiscus Oostland), Sander van der Vaart (perennials, Aalsmeer/Flevoland), Sjaak Buijs (Pot Chrysantemum, container plants, seasonal products, Westland Oost), Toon van Kessel (summer flowers (Hypericum en Veronica, Oost Brabant & Limburg), Walter Straathof (bulbflowers, Duin en Bollenstreek), Walter Zuijderwijk (bedding plants, Westland Noord), Wim Koolhaas, (Bromeliads, Oostland), Zelalem Messele (Rose Ethiopië).

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