Royal FloraHolland loses 5 to 10 million euros

Royal FloraHolland will report a loss for 2020. This loss is significantly lower than feared in the early days of the corona crisis. The financial result before extraordinary income and expenditure is expected to be -5 to -10 million euros.

“Given the immense withdrawal in March of last year and the ensuing massive fall in sales, this is a result we can live with”, says David van Mechelen, CFO of Royal FloraHolland. Supply volume, which was lower last year, has had a major impact on RFH’s revenues. Various factors have prevented a loss of many tens of millions.

Photo Royal FloraHolland
Cost savings

The Emergency Fund also brought calm and continuity and helped growers continue to produce. The market thus recovered quickly. Van Mechelen: ”In addition, RFH has managed to achieve substantial additional cost savings within its own organisation.”

Nevertheless, volumes still remained at a slightly lower level than the year before in the second half of 2020. But pricing was very positive. In the end, Royal FloraHolland was ineligible for the NOW scheme(s) and the Floriculture Emergency Fund on the basis of its results. The figures will be announced as soon as they have been finalised.

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