Russian platform looking for Dutch growers

Six years ago, Moscow-based BiFlorica started its preparations for an online platform for cut flower trading. They currently have more than 300 registered growers and 300-400 active buyers per week.

BiFlorica initially focused on Russian flower buyers. However, the company has been growing every year and lately they’ve been getting clients from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

The internet platform is pretty straightforward, explains CEO Maxim Frakin (seated in the picture). Growers post their products and pricing – in the currency of their own choice – on the platform and buyers can purchase the flowers. There’s also an option to negotiate the price. Transportation can be arranged by either the buyer or by BiFlorica.

Most flowers that are sold through the platform are from Ecuadorian, Kenyan, Colombian, Spanish and Israeli growers. 85% is rose, and carnation is a close second.

Frakin would like to see Dutch growers joining BiFlorica, so he decided to visit IFTF. “Our clients are asking for Dutch products. And it’s cheaper for Dutch growers to sell through us.”

Frakin has noticed that more and more growers are interested in selling directly. “When there’s a trader or an auction in between, they don’t know what the end-user wants. If growers trade through BiFlorica, they do.”

When he was asked about BiFlorica’s turnover, Frakin didn’t say too much. “Let’s say we are handling around 10,000 boxes per month.”