Floribusiness Digital Magazine Safe shopping near the German border

Safe shopping near the German border


On public holidays, German consumers like crossing the border for shopping in the Netherlands. What are Dutch garden centres doing for safe shopping, regarding corona measures? Floribusiness visited Leurs Garden Centre.

Leurs Garden Centre, located in Venlo in the southeast of the Netherlands, has taken all kinds of extra measures to ensure safe shopping on public holidays like Ascension Day. What are those extra measures on top of the national rules? To what extent are Dutch rules different from German rules, and are German consumers aware of this? How are sales anyway this spring season at Leurs, which usually attracts many Germans?

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Photo by Arno Engels

Arno Engels
Since 2000 Arno Engels has been editor of De Boomkwekerij, Dutch magazine for hardy nursery stock. Since 2018 he is also Floribusiness editor.

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