Second edition Flower Expo Poland

    After the director of Flower Expo Poland, Nico de Jager, passed away, co-owner and partner, Francine van Wijk, continues the organisation of the tradeshow. Together with Dianne Ramakers, tradeshow manager, she will realise the platform in the philosophy of Nico. The second edition of Flower Expo Poland takes place from the 31st of August until the 2nd of September in the Expo XXI, Warsaw, Poland. The tradeshow will be organized again together and at the same time as Green is Life, the show for “outside green”.

    First participants

    The acquisition of participants has recently started and the first applications have been received. Individual participants as well as companies, which will participate in a pavilion, see chances in the Polish market and they have confidence in the second edition of Flower Expo Poland. GREENN organizes this year again a Holland Collective and confirmed the participation of Mullers Flower Seeds, OZ Export, Van Den Bos Flowerbulbs, Deliflor Chrysanten and Zentoo. Colviveros will organize a Colombian Pavilion and the organization received applications from Colibri Flowers, Brandkamp, Dekker Chrysanten, Dillewijn Zwapak, Duif International, Green Connect, Koen Pack, Optimal Connection, Van Dijk Flora, Barile Flower Service and Bart Kwiaty Polska.

    Floral demonstrations and seminars

    This year there will be a close cooperation again with PR agency SIGMA International in Warsaw in order to attract visitors. The visitors promotion focuses on florists, retail and wholesale. The cooperation with the outdoor green tradeshow Green is Life (Zylen to Zycie) will consist of increasing the visitor amount by working together on promotional activities and by organizing a seminar program. At the Flower Expo Poland there will also be a close cooperation with the Polish Florist Association SFP to organize a florists-inspiration pavilion where growers and traders get the chance to present their products in a presentation and demonstration program with international floral designers. The seminar program will focus on various target groups like retailers and wholesalers. Speakers such as the director of the Flouwercouncil Holland, Marc Eijsackers, confirmed to share knowledge with the visitors of Flower Expo Poland

    Background of the tradeshow

    Zylen to Zycie (Green is Life) will organize this year the 25th edition- a jubilee year – and focus on outdoor green: trees, shrubs, bedding plants, outdoor plants and landscaping. To this existing show a new show has been added in 2016: Flower Expo Poland. This tradeshow focuses on cutflowers, indoor plants and added value products like vases and pots. The first edition took place in September 2016 and counted a visitor amount of 17.468, this was a growth of 9,5% compared to the previous year. In total 72 exhibitors from 13 countries were present at the new flowers- and plants hall.

    Partners & Ambassadors

    SIGMA pr-agency Warsaw, Polish Florist Association (Stowarzyszenie Florystów Polskich), the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, Association of Wholesalers of Floristry articles (VGB), Floribusiness and Floral Moments are our active partners and ambassadors and will have an active role in increasing brand awareness of the exhibition.

    Applications second edition

    More information can be found on the website of the expo: Companies who would like to participate can apply via +31 (0) 718 701 068 or