Selecta France – new subsidiary in the Selecta one group

    Selecta one has launched a new member in the Selecta one group. Selecta France is a joint venture between Challet-Hérault, best-known in France and a young plant and breeding company for 125 years, and Selecta one, one of the world’s leading, family-owned breeding company of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants.

    Nils Klemm, CEO Selecta one: “The environment in which we all do business in is more dynamic and faster changing than ever. This is both, challenge and chance depending on how we plan, and how well we execute those plans. In this respect, we – Nils and Per Klemm and Jean Pierre Challet, owner of Challet-Herault – have been making plans together. It was our vision to create a strong, independent and family owned and managed young plant supplier based in the heart of France.”

    Selecta France, within the Selecta one group, will focus on supplying the French market. This step is a further development deepening the 10 years lasting cooperation of Challet-Hérault and Selecta one. It underlines the common commitment to offer French producers in the future an even more extensive and attractive selection which has been compiled especially to meet the needs of the French market and will be complemented with efficient varieties of internationally known breeders.

    Selecta France is located at Cholet, in the former office of Challet-Hérault. With this location Selecta one is the only internationally operating breeder and young plant producer of ornamental plants with its own French young plant production with excellent logistics. This production is supplemented by an efficient network of specialised Selecta one Rooting Stations.

    Moreover, Selecta France offers direct deliveries of unrooted and Callus cuttings as well as MiniRooter from the Selecta one mother plant locations. The direct distribution from the breeder to the producer of finished plants stands for quality, efficiency and proximity to the customer, which will continue to be serviced by their accustomed contact partners.

    Jean Pierre Challet, General Manager Selecta France and owner of Challet-Herault: “We are happy to continue serving our customers with the existing and highly motivated team working at the Selecta France location in Cholet. Hence, the contact partner, whether in sales, logistics or accounting will stay the same. We are sure that with the proximity to French growers and trust which we’ve established over the years combined with the power of the Selecta one group we can offer new possibilities to the French market.”

    At Salon du Végétal in Nantes, from June 20-22, 2017, Selecta France will be presenting itself to the public for the first time.

    Selecta One

    The family company Selecta one is a world-leader in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. The breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettias, perennials and cut flowers. With eleven production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the corporate group serves all relevant markets worldwide.

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