‘Transaction size of exports to the UK increases dramatically’

When Brexit became a fact, one of the first things people predicted was that it would no longer be profitable to export relatively small orders. A few months on, we can confirm that the transaction size of exports to the United Kingdom has increased dramatically. “We make 22% fewer transport movements for the same turnover”, reports Arie Idema. He is director at tree nursery M. van den Oever.

“The days of shipping three trees at a time to the UK are well and truly over”, says Idema. The company passes the costs associated with inspections by customs and Naktuinbouw (the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture) on to their customers. According to the director, the customers have been accumulating their orders as a result.

He’s also noticed some changes to the orders in terms of product range. In addition to avenue trees, the company’s been selling more shrubs. Although it’s mostly speculation at this stage, he believes that this might be because customers used to order avenue trees and shrubs from different suppliers. They’re now getting them all from one place to reduce the costs per order.

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