Unique geothermal project started in the Netherlands

    An innovative geothermal project involving boring into the Trias geological layer to reach hot water at 4 km depth started in Westland, in the Netherlands. Growers will soon pump up this water to heat their greenhouses and other buildings in a sustainable manner and for a stable cost price.

    The boring at the Lange Boekweg in Naaldwijk at the level of the Zandheullaan is a unique and innovative project in the Netherlands. Previous borings in the Netherlands only reached down to 2.5 km into the sub-limestone layer. Trias Westland is exploring whether there is enough hot water to collect from 4 km down from the Trias layer.
    A trial boring should be able to demonstrate whether the expected heat is actually present and accessible in sufficient quantity for all of the participating companies to be able to use geothermal energy. If the Trias layer turns out to be unsuitable for generating the required heat, a second standard geothermal boring will be done down to 2.5 km depth to which some of the companies can be connected.
    Trias Westland is an initiative of HVC, Capturam and Royal FloraHolland (started in 2008) and is being realized in collaboration with the Westland local authority, Rabobank and BNG Bank. These partners attach great importance to sustainability and consider geothermal energy an important sustainable alternative to gas.

    Source: Royal FloraHolland

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