USA Bouquet Company joins forces with Dutch Flower Group’s Retail Division

    The USA Bouquet Company (USA Bouquet), with their corporate office located in Miami, Florida will join forces with the Dutch Flower Group Retail Division (DFG Retail), based in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

    DFG Retail is the global market leader in the supply of flowers, bouquets and plants to retailers such as traditional supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers. USA Bouquet is the largest US based manufacturer of domestically made bouquets with six locations strategically located in major ports of entry maximizing distribution while being operationally friendly to their retail partners.

    With the support of a global leader like the DFG Retail Division, USA Bouquet will strengthen their market position relying on very similar business practices. The mutual business strategy of focusing on the consumer experience and the category support for partners will yield positive results. The USA Bouquet Company is currently a strong market leader in servicing the traditional supermarket, mass retailer, drug and convenience stores as well as multiple e-commerce retailers.

    Consolidated Fresh Solutions (CFS), the logistic service provision company for USA Bouquet and third parties, will also join DFG Retail. This enables DFG Retail to optimize logistical services for their partners.

    Boudewijn Rip, Director of DFG Retail, will be responsible for optimizing the operational synergies in order to provide opportunities for customers of both USA Bouquet as well as DFG Retail. Rip will be located in the USA Bouquet corporate office in Miami during the integration.

    The management team for The USA Bouquet Company will remain in place with Edgar Lozano (President), George Barquin (Vice President) and Scott Hill (VP of Sales and Marketing).

    “With the strong market position of USA Bouquet and the experience of a global leader such as DFG Retail, the company will strengthen its international supplier partner network and enhance value to our retail partner base,” said Lozano.

    Rip adds, “We see great opportunities in joining forces to bring added value and benefits to all parties throughout the supply chain, from our supply partners to our retail customer.”

    The USA Bouquet Company (USA Bouquet) is a trading company specialized in fresh cut flower bouquets and arrangements as well as other floral related products and services.

    They are focused on sourcing for and supply to supermarkets, mass retailers, chain drug stores as well as e-fulfilment services for their customers.

    USA Bouquet employs 400 staff at her facilities and sources globally and domestically over 200 million stems of fresh cut flowers.

    Consolidated Fresh Solutions (CFS) provides manufacturing and logistical services. This takes place temperature controlled facilities, located at major markets or port of entry: Miami, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Vista.

    Dutch Flower Group (DFG) is a global family of specialized trading businesses. Together, the lead the way in import, export, trading and manufacturing of fresh cut flowers, bouquets, plants and decorative foliage. DFG employs 2,500 staff at her facilities and sources globally.

    DFG supplies importing wholesale companies in over 60 countries and is market leader in the supply and category management to mass retailers like supermarkets, garden centers and DIY stores in Europe. Dutch Flower Group realizes a turnover of € 1.5 billion worldwide (2017). DFG Retail companies account for half of this turnover.

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