We are convinced that growing is best done together

We can only maintain our leading position in the market, if we continue to grow. This doesn’t just apply to the Dutch floriculture industry as a whole, but also to Dutch Flower Group specifically. We are convinced that growing is best done together. That’s why we are keen to collaborate with our chain partners.

There are different ways to ensure growth. We can work together with our customers, large-scale retailers and wholesale importers, but we can also explore new purchasing moments, new segments and new regions together. What’s become clear during the past year is that alliances and acquisitions are playing a big role, both on the side of the trade and the side of breeders and growers. The increasing consolidation brings more and more large parties to our sector.

Consolidation also brings new opportunities for growers and other stakeholders within the floriculture chain. We’re going to see more long-term relationships and maintaining those will require mutual trust and transparency.

Long-term contracts and more intensive partnerships allow a connection with growers that’s very important to us. Personally, I strongly believe the best way to meet the challenges of the future is through collaboration in the chain. Long-term relationships are a prerequisite for further growth.

That’s why Dutch Flower Group is going to do even more to connect and establish more intensive collaborations. By working closely together, we can share more knowledge and further increase the efficiency within the chain. It gives growers the opportunity to strengthen their own market position and increase their sales in the long run.

And it isn’t just about improving our own relationships with growers, it’s also about getting the entire sector to think along the same lines. That’s one of the reasons behind the merger of two leading platforms, traders’ Blueroots and growers’ Floriday, earlier this year. It allows us to join forces and strengthen the position of the Netherlands within the international floriculture industry. There’s still plenty of work left, but so far, we’ve been making great progress together.

The only way to ensure growth, is by reinforcing each other. Making life colourful, together.

Marco van Zijverden,

CEO Dutch Flower Group



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