‘We will first have a sabbatical year’

In the past two months the temperature was often high. It hovered between 27°C and 34°C with frequent showers and high humidity. But luckily it was not as warm as in Vancouver where the temperature rose above 40°C. This summer we enjoyed the pool often, jumping in several times a day. Frequently we could also be found on the patio of Meuse Brewing.

Lately, there has been plenty that demands our attention. The last year program of Bromeliads is being completed. On Monday we delivered the last Bromeliads. Before the end of the month, all Hibiscus and Ficus will also be gone. The greenhouses are almost empty. At home we are busy packing boxes. Everything should be empty by the end of September.

On August 31, we received the key to our newly completed, temporary town house. We have started cleaning and the first items are already in the new house. Because we always like to do things ourselves, we will be working on that in the coming weeks.

The barn is being built on our new land. The walls are up and the roof trusses are on. This week the steel will go on the roof and against the walls. The drawings for the new house are getting more and more beautiful. There are also plans to start a new ALUS project here. There is sufficient space to use native plant species in the landscape. We also want to harvest seed from these plants with which other projects can be started.

Also, attention is paid to the grower who will continue cultivating our crops. He is a young grower from our area. A great deal of knowledge and experience will be shared in the coming year, both with regard to cultivation and the design of the greenhouse, as well as with regard to supply and sales. He has started buying Bromeliads. Two of his employees have started taking Ficus cuttings.

When the transfer is completed, we will first have a sabbatical year and spend time enjoying different things. We won’t stay at home, but look around the neighborhood. Enjoy the Indian Summer, go skiing in the winter and if the measures allow it, we will travel to a warm country. We have 20 active years ahead of us. We will enjoy ourselves without worrying about things we cannot change.

Angelle van Kleef

Ontario, canada

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