‘Dried roses are about values’

    2Dezign launched Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties, a new dried-roses brand. Pascal Koeleman and Rudi Tuinman are confident that the brand will be a success. “Young people, under 30, see this as something that fits in with their lifestyle, it’s a new product to them. They like fresh flowers, but those only last a week. Dried flowers last much longer and they’re about values. They’re organic, pure, sustainable and zero waste.”

    It’s an unusual time to launch a new flower brand. Although last week, prime minister Mark Rutte announced an easing of the intelligent lockdown that the Netherlands has been in for weeks. And several important distribution countries for plants and flowers from the Netherlands have also started to give citizens and companies a little more freedom to move again. In some places, florists’ and garden centres are opening their doors again. But still, the road to full relaxation of the rules is still a fragile path, which can break any time and bring us back to the stricter lockdown situation.

    In Rijnsburg, there’s not much time for doom and gloom. Somewhere in this town just off the A44 road, there’s a stock of 6 million dried roses. Spray and small-flowered roses, waiting to find new owners under the brand name Fabelicious Everlasting Beauties. Entrepreneurs Pascal Koeleman and Rudi Tuinman are convinced it will work.

    “We have 600,000% confidence in this”, “When we worked for Hogewoning, we sold 40 million of these per year” and “We believe it’s a trend that will be around for the next five years” are some of Koeleman’s statements. He and his partner Rudi Tuinman are the founders of 2Dezign, the company that’s launching this new dried-flower brand.

    Apple pie

    The launch of the brand was initially scheduled for September. After the summer, because the flower trade normally collapses during the warmest period of the year. But that moment was brought forward.

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