Sunshine Bouquet Group acquires Esmeralda Farms

    Colombian Sunshine Group takes over the Esmeralda Group. Directors of both parties state this in a joint statement.

    The Sunshine Group takes over all Esmeralda activities in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States. In the South American countries, Esmeralda breeds and grows dozens of types of flowers. The company has a trading office in Miami USA.

    Sunshine Bouquet grows 800 varieties of 55 types of flowers on about 1000 hectares near Bogota, Colombia. The company sells 900 million stems on the North American market every year. It is aimed at the mass segment.

    Clarisse Ullrich (l) and breeder Ana Maria Quiñones.

    Through the acquisition, director John Simbo hopes to connect the best of both companies. The market leadership in the mass segment of Sunshine with the innovation, brands and network of wholesale distributors of Esmeralda. According to Simbo and Esmeralda director Clarisse Ullrich, all parts of Esmeralda remain unchanged.

    Clarisse Ullrich has been leading Esmeralda Farms since her husband Peter Ullrich passed away in June 2016. In the summer of that year, the Esmeralda farm in Ethiopia was burned to the ground. Ullrich then decided to cease operations in Ethiopia and the Netherlands. In October 2017 Esmeralda started a strategic partnership with Dümmen Orange.

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