Floribusiness Market & Trends 10 products nominated for Show Your Colors Award IPM

    10 products nominated for Show Your Colors Award IPM


    Ten products from Dutch, German, American and Spanish nurseries are nominated for the Show Your Colors Award IPM 2020, the annually competition for distinctly different products held at the international ornamental plant show IPM in Germany.

    The nominated products that nurseries will present at IPM 2020, have a different (leaf) colour, shape, extra features like fruit or they are tolerant to extreme climate conditions like drought and heat. In alphabetical order:

    Adenium obesum Fairy Tree Concept, Plantal Producciones, Spain

    Buddleja davidii Berries and Cream (’Pmoore14’), Joh. Stolwijk & Sons, the Netherlands

    Camellia japonica ’Festival’, Van Son & Koot, the Netherlands

    Concept Urban Garden Roses, Seuren Roses, the Netherlands

    Fargesia Moontears (’JAN W3M’), Helmers Baumschulen, Germany

    Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer Love (’Bailmacfive’), Bailey Nurseries, US

    Hydrangea paniculata Switch Ophelia (’Breg14’), Diderk Heinje Baumschulen, Germany

    Rhododendron Happydendron Pushy Purple (’Hachmagic’), Inkarho, Germany

    Skimmia japonica ’Perosa’, Van Vliet New Plants, the Netherlands

    Taxus media Rising Star (’Oene’), De Buurte Nurseries, the Netherlands

    The products are presented in the BIZZ Holland booth (hall 8, number 8A40). During the IPM visitors can vote their favorite product. A jury of international experts will also vote. The winner will be announced on Thursday 20 January at 15 hours in the same booth.

    The Show Your Colors Award IPM 2020 is a collaboration between the IPM organization and BIZZ Communications. At IPM 2019 Corokia virgata Maori Green & Maori Silver, sent in by Addenda, won the award.

    Photo by BIZZ

    Arno Engels
    Arno Engels is sinds 2000 vakredacteur bij De Boomkwekerij. Hij is opgegroeid in de sector en heeft op verschillende boomkwekerijen in binnen- en buitenland gewerkt.

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