Dümmen Orange and Cacti Youngplants in exclusive partnership for Sticculents

    Dümmen Orange and Cacti Youngplants are entering into an exclusive partnership for producing and marketing Sticculents. Dümmen Orange will handle breeding and production of the plants. Cacti Youngplants will be responsible for assembly and all market-facing commercial activities.

    “This collaboration agreement offers Dümmen Orange scope to focus fully on producing the starting material,” says Freek Tromp, Managing Director Tropicals at Dümmen Orange. “And that is precisely where our strength lies, as a breeder in the succulent segment.”

    Sticculents are succulents – such as Echeveria, Haworthia and Crassula – that can be used in cut flower creations.


    “The worldwide market potential of Sticculents is huge,” says Wander Tuinier, founder of Cacti Youngplants B.V. “Succulents are extremely popular, and their popularity is only set to grow as offerings are diversified. In this form, as Sticculents, we are expanding our range for the market and offering even more options for using these versatile plants – in this case as an extra twist in bouquets.”

    The starting material for Sticculents is supplied by Dümmen Orange from the production site in Zimbabwe. This country has the perfect climate for producing robust succulent cuttings and plants. These can be grown on as easy-care pot plants or marketed as Sticculents via Cacti Youngplants.

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