Dutch machine will prune American pot-in-pot automatic

    Dutch nursery equipment manufacturer Lommers has build a huge machine for an American nursery with pot-in-pot production. It can prune 10 rows pot-in-pot fully automatic and is guided by GPS.

    The first machine is ready for shipping from the Netherlands to Oregon, the nursery state of the United States. Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas will use the machine for most all crops in its pot-in-pot-system, says president Tom Fessler. ’So far the pruning has been done by machine similar to the one Lommers has build, but not as sophisticated. The sides of the plants are done by hand at this time.’

    The Dutch machine will do all the pruning work. Read the full story in the newest Floribusiness magazine. Click here for a free subscription and get immediate access.

    Video by Lommers/Photo by Arno Engels

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