‘Real chance of empty tables in German garden centres’

    Thomas Buchenau became General Manager of the German branch organisation of garden centres VDG in the middle of the COVID crisis. Initially, all of his attention went to COVID-related issues, but meanwhile he has shifted his focus to subjects like availability, pricing and logistics. “Garden centres may be facing empty tables this year. That is a real problem.”

    By his own account, Thomas Buchenau knew what he got himself into at the end of 2020. The COVID crisis had been underway for several months when he accepted the position of General Manager. In the first few months, his job involved very little greenery as he spent most of his time lobbying various levels of government, mainly to keep garden centres open as much as possible. The central message? Greenery is good for the wellbeing of people and the home growing of fruits and vegetables is good for public health. (..)

    Photo Thomas Buchenau.

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