Floribusiness Market & Trends Spanish Fairy Tree wins Show Your Colors Award IPM

    Spanish Fairy Tree wins Show Your Colors Award IPM


    Adenium obesum Fairy Tree Concept from Spanish company Plantal Producciones has won the Show Your Colors Award IPM 2020, the annually competition for distinctly different products at the international ornamental plant show IPM in Germany.

    ’Every plant in this concept is unique’, said the international jury. ’The Fairy Tree Concept is the next level of storytelling with a niche product.’ The story is that its ancestors came all the way from dry climates in sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore the plant needs to be treated as a cactus in winter time. In summer it will flower colourful. ’Sounds like a fairytale’, according to Plantal Producciones.

    Ten products were nominated for the award. Camellia japonica ’Festival’ (Van Son & Koot, the Netherlands) became second, Rhododendron Happydendron Pushy Purple (’Hachmagic’) third. This novelty from German company INKARHO won also a top award at IPM 2020, best novelty in the category ’woody plants’.

    The Show Your Colors Award IPM 2020 is a collaboration between the IPM organization and BIZZ Communications.

    Photo by BIZZ

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