British-Chinese joint venture start Clematis breeding

In China, Raymond Evison and a Chinese business partner have started a breeding program for new Clematis. The new varieties will be available worldwide.

The breeding program is a joint venture between Raymond J. Evison Ltd on the British Isle of Guernsey, and The Beijing Florascape Company. Tuesday 7 April they explained their plans at the open day of the company in Beijing. Duet o corona the British breeder wasn’t able to attend this, but before the crisis begun he had already signed the joint venture in China:

CEO mr Yu of The Beijing Florascape Company and Raymond Evison in China.

The aims of the program are breeding new Clematis varieties that are suitable for use in gardens and landscape projects, varieties that have more winter hardiness and heat tolerance than existing varieties. The joint venture is also aiming at new colours and tones not previously known in the Clematis range, such as bright yellow flowers.

Native Chinese species and Raymond Evison varieties

For the breeding they will use native Chinese Clematis species and existing varieties from Raymond Evison Clematis. ’It is fantastic that we can work together with such a progressive Chinese company as The Beijing Florascape Company’, says Evison. ’It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.’

Evison has been doing business in China for a few years. His company is supplying the Hongyue garden centres with grown Clematis. Since 2019 Hongyue has the exclusive rights to sell the brand Raymond Evison Clematis throughout China.

Photos by Raymond Evison Clematis

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