Calibrachoa MiniFamous DoublePinkTastic wins FleuroStar Award

    Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry, is proud to announce that the FleuroStar Award 2017/18 goes to Calibrachoa MiniFamous Double PinkTastic from Selecta one. Anita Stöver, breeder of Double PinkTastic accepted the prize from FleuroStar Committee Chairman Heike Gronemann and Fleuroselect President Herman Hamer.

    Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic from Selecta one was competing against Calibrachoa Conga Sunset Kiss (Florensis), Dahlia LaBella® Maggiore Rose Bicolour (Beekenkamp Plants), Helianthus interspecific Sunfinity (Syngenta Flowers), and Pepper Mamba-Red F1 (Prudac). For more information about all these excellent plants, please click here.

    Threedimensional colour pattern

    MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic truly catches the eye thanks to two bicoloured pink-white circles of inner petals in each flower, which add to an in-depth colour perception. This excellent summer performer enjoys all the benefits of the MiniFamous® series, such as easy growth, improved root system, the very early flowering and mildew tolerance.

    FleuroStar Evening – Breeding meets Retail

    The new ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’ was announced at the FleuroStar Evening on Thursday 15 June at Beekenkamp Plants in Maasdijk (NL). Attended by approx. 90 persons, the first edition of the event was a success.

    Herman Hamer, President Fleuroselect: “We felt that the time was right to dedicate an entire evening to the FleuroStar Contest. Each year, this Evening will take place at a different Contest Location, kicking off this year with Beekenkamp Plants. During the FlowerTrials, the entire horticultural industry is watching The Netherlands. Therefore, it is the ideal moment to put the pot or bedding plant with the highest wow factor in the spotlight.”

    Blume 2000 and Arjo Maat join FleuroStar Jury

    Frank Sonnenberg, Product Manager of the German high street flower shop chain Blume 2000, joined his colleagues from Intratuin and Obi in the 2017 FleuroStar jury. Also Arjo Maat, Dutch pot and bedding plant grower specialising in Begonia, offered his expert view. Over 30 professionals in breeding, production, trade and retail as well as journalists and marketing specialists evaluate each entry on point of sale attractiveness and commercial potential.

    Marketing boost

    The new FleuroStar winner will receive considerable marketing support. Next to conducting an international press campaign, Fleuroselect promotes the new winner at trade fairs and industry events. Contest sponsors KAS Tuinbouwcommunicatie offer an advertising campaign, marketing agency Pull Position a tailor made promotion project at retail level and DeschPlantpak a full spread in its lifestyle brochure.

    About FleuroStar

    The FleuroStar Contest is held annually during the FlowerTrials week in June in the Netherlands and Germany. Fleuroselect members can enter their top breeding breakthrough of the season to become the new ‘Winner with the Wow Factor’.

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