Canadian machine at work in European nursery

Tree Spades made by Canadian Dutchman Industries do their job in the Netherlands. They work different than European lifting and transplanting machines.

Dutch nursery Klanderman is using a Dutchman for a few years now, the first owner in the Netherlands. Another nursery has invested as well in a Tree Spade, DJ Huibers in Dutch tree growing area of Opheusden. Watch this demonstration:

The Canadian machine is a standard in North America, being used for years by nurseries and landscape companies in Canada and the United States. Back at German nursery equipment show Baumschultechnik 2012, a Dutchman was demonstrated for the first time in Europe. In the meantime, BaumManufaktur Michael Florenz in Germany has become the import company for Europe.

European machines are working more vertical with their shovels. The Canadian machine has straight shovels that dig up a tree at an angle of certain degrees. This will not damage multi-stem trees or specimen shrubs, according to Dutch nurseryman Dirk Jan Huibers.

Video by Arno Engels

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