‘Clock presales carries much greater benefits for buyers’

Royal FloraHolland and Plantion are aiming to distribute clock presales before the clock starts. Brazilian Veiling Holambra has gained 18 months of experience with this system. According to its General Manager, Jorge Possato, ‘clock presales carries much greater benefits for buyers because they get the flowers and plants delivered earlier’.

‘When we started distributing our clock presales, we were facing major problems. Finding the products in the storage area was particularly problematic, for lack of a proper system,’ Possato outlines. He has managed Veiling Holambra for a year now. Since March last year, the distribution of clock presales has been separated from the distribution of clock sales.

The distribution process for clock presales has been improved step by step in the previous months, explains Possato. The use of QR codes on the trolleys has made it easier for auction staff to find the products. For the distribution of the clock presales, Holambra uses the same pick-by-voice system that is used for the distribution of clock sales. The General Manager claims that 90% of the issues have been solved, leaving only minor problems to be addressed next month. (..)

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