Colombia is going through a difficult time

The unrest in Colombia continues. The economy of the South American country is hurt by the protests of the population as well as Covid. Flower growers aren’t escaping the consequences of the unrest and the virus either. However, the great demand for flowers is keeping the floriculture sector afloat.

Colombia is going through a difficult time. May was especially challenging and characterised by Covid deaths and road blockades. The protests, which started at the end of April, were initially instigated by proposed tax reforms. But when president Iván Duque’s government cancelled those plans, the unrest continued with more injured people and deaths as a result. Last week, the president’s helicopter was hit by gunfire.

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The economic damage caused by Covid and the unrest lies around 2 billion euros. The economy contracted by 7%. Many people lost their job. The interest rates went up, which means that loans have become more expensive.

The picture painted by Agricultural Counsellor Patricia de Vries in Jungle Talks to the World on Paprika Tasty Radio is far from rosy. (..)

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