Floribusiness Corona proof Floriworld opens its doors

Corona proof Floriworld opens its doors


FloriWorld, the tourist experience and expertise center of Dutch floriculture, opened its doors on 1 July. General manager Rick Pesik still thinks that FloriWorld can attract many tourists. He emphasizes that the center is more than a knowledge centre that focusses on flowers and plants.

The corona crisis also has an impact on Floriworld. There has been no official opening party. On May 21 there was an online opening: an interactive broadcast show. COVID-19 is also the reason that the visitor numbers have been adjusted downwards. Instead of a flow of 7 people per minute Floriworld calculates with 3, at most 4 visitors per minute. In the first year, Floriworld primarily focuses on domestic tourism.

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Peter van Leth
Peter van Leth is vakredacteur politiek en economie bij het Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij. Verdere aandachtsgebieden zijn personeelsbeleid, gewasbescherming, veredeling, groene, perk- en kuipplanten.

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