Dümmen Orange Launches new label Rozuri ‘roses from Africa’

During its Meet & Greet Rose event in De Kwakel, Dümmen Orange presented the new rose label Rozuri ‘roses from Africa’ to customers. Rozuri “roses from Africa” is a new label for the retail sector from rose growers in Ethiopia and Kenya with whom Dümmen Orange works closely together.

Rozuri “roses from Africa” stands for a new colourful label of African roses, inspired by the African continent. The name Rozuri is derived from the word uzuri which means “beauty” in Swahili, the language that is widely spoken in East Africa.

The Rozuri varieties are medium-sized flowering roses that have been specially selected for the supermarket segment. This specific assortment of Dümmen Orange is still relatively unknown to retail and will therefore be actively introduced in the coming period to the most important supermarket chains in England and Germany. A special breeding program has been set up to create a high-quality retail assortment of this Rozuri range.

Rozuri roses can be supplied in stem lengths of up to 60 centimetres. In addition, these roses distinguish themselves by a wide range of colors: from white to cerise, from pink to red, but also yellow and orange and there is a “bicolor” variant.

The story behind the Rozuri roses will be actively propagated in the coming period. Because the African Beauties are not only the roses, but also the teams of the Rozuri farms in Ehtiopia and Kenya.

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