Floribusiness ‘FloraMondo 2.0 core of new FloraHolland’

    ‘FloraMondo 2.0 core of new FloraHolland’


    “FloraMondo 2.0 is going to be the core of the new FloraHolland”, said director Lucas Vos at the General Members’ Meeting in Aalsmeer. He has noticed that customers are apprehensive about any developments with regards to digitalisation.

    But if FloraHolland wants to keep its position as biggest marketplace for plants and flowers, it will have to join the digital revolution. Otherwise they’ll miss the boat. FloraHolland doesn’t want to be the Blokker, MacIntosh or V&D of the floricultural industry, explained Lucas Vos.

    So, the auction is focusing on a solution in the form of digitalisation of the plant and flower trade. As far as they’re concerned, FloraMondo 2.0 is going to be the no. 1 global marketplace for plants and flowers.

    The auction is working hard to optimise the platform. They hired Gerhard van der Bijl specifically for this project. He used to work for Wehkamp, a catalogue merchant, which was successfully turned into a web shop.

    Vos is optimistic about the realisation and future of FloraMondo. “We’re in the lead. It’s not a project that too many start-ups will take on. We’ve got the time, space and money to invest in it, as well as customers who are willing to come along. We’ve got a unique network. Our growers also play an important role, as they’ve got a great network of knowledge. Even if it’s a huge challenge, with our customers and members, enough goodwill and the right financial input, we can do it and create the no. 1 global platform for the floricultural industry.”

    This year, FloraHolland focuses on developing future-proof software for FloraMondo – a supply module, a new quality system and a payment module. The platform is going to incorporate all processes, including all the different auctioning processes: auction presale, Today for Today and Today for Tomorrow.

    Vos has noticed that customers are apprehensive about any developments with regards to digitalisation. “What the new world order is going to look like as a result of digitalisation, I have no idea. But I do know that there are two parties that will always be there: growers and consumers. Everybody else will have to fight for their place in the new world. This applies to customers, too. They’ve got to identify their added value and understand what consumers want and that’s what they’ve got to base their revenue models on.”

    Lex Ebus, interim chairperson of the VGB, expressed his concerns. “If FloraMondo is going to be some sort of Bol.com, that would really worry us.”

    Arie-Frans Middelburg
    Arie-Frans Middelburg werkt sinds 2002 als redacteur bij het Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij. Hij schrijft onder meer over veilingen, logistiek en ontwikkelingen in de sierteelt in het buitenland.

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