Hightech can predict seed quality precisely

Two Dutch companies are working together for further development of a high-tech machine that can predict the seed quality of, for example, floriculture crops.

The companies are SeQso and Innoveins Seed Solutions. The first manufactures special machinery for the seed industry. The second carries out seed treatment research in agricultural and horticultural seeds, on behalf of companies and multinations in crop protection and seed industry. Innoveins is part of Botany, a private research institute in the Netherlands.

Fred Hugen (right), director SeQso, and Niels Peeters (left), director Innoveins Seed Solutions, have signed the cooperation agreement and purchase contract for the use and further development of the high-tech machine. This so-called iXeed DataCollector can measure unique seed parameters through cameras, that can be an indicator of seed quality. Using this technology, the seed quality can be predicted before the seed is sown.

Photo by SeQso/Innoveins

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