‘I am passionate about flowers’

Jeanine Kayihura is Chief Marketing Office at Bella Flowers in Rwanda. Bella Flower grows roses on 45 hectares. Kayihura is passionate about flowers.

What’s with the gorilla statue at your stand at the IFTF?

‘This statue belongs in the Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague. The gorilla is a threatened species in the north of Rwanda. The government seeks to protect these animals, which has turned the gorilla into a national symbol, much like the panda in China. They appear on the logos of all sorts of products.

’What sort of company are you?

‘We are the only rose grower in Rwanda. Our business was founded in 2015 and is 100% government owned. We are located in a rural area, and most of our 900 employees come from this region. About 40% of them are women. The farm offers good working conditions to these people, most of whom have little or no education. One of the goals of this company is to empower these people, to help them develop themselves by offering them further training.’ (..)

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