‘I expect the sea freighting of flowers to increase year by year’

Carlos Manuel Uribe of Flores el Capiro grows 130 ha of chrysanthemums in Colombia. He transports 90% of his production overseas to Europe, the UK, Australia, Chile and Japan. In January 2023, Uribe will send his 10,000th container of chrysanthemums across the ocean. That makes him a forerunner; the ocean transport of flowers from Africa and South America is expected to increase hand over fist in the coming years.

In 2006, Uribe transported chrysanthemums by container for the first time. The reason? It was cheaper than air freight. “I wanted to be more competitive against Dutch chrysanthemum growers,” he explains. Uribe also learned that sea freight can be more reliable than air freight: “With sea freight, you have better control over the cold chain. As a result, the quality of the flowers is better.”

The bulk of flower transports from South America and Africa to another continent takes place by air. For years, there has been talk of a shift to the sea freighting of flowers. This shift seems more urgent now than ever and once again became evident at IFTF’s Flowers by Sea conference in Vijfhuizen on Tuesday 8 November. (..)

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