‘In Flanders, we grow your way’

‘In Flanders, we grow your way’. Under that slogan, VLAM is launching a new communicationconcept for the exportpromotion of floricultural products. The new and colorful concept will be presented on August 20 at the Florall trade fair in Waregem Expo. Individual Flemish floriculture companies will also be able to use the concept in their own communication in the long term.

The Flemish floriculture sector has traditionally been strongly focused on export. Annually, the region exports around € 600 million in floriculture products, mainly to other EU countries.

Tradition and customization

After a few intensive brainstorming sessions with companies from the various subsectors of floriculture, VLAM worked on a new logo and a new concept for export communication. Two important principles were incorporated in this: the long tradition of Flanders in the field of floriculture and the family structure of the companies on the one hand, and the flexibility and solution orientation of the companies on the other.

This resulted in the new logo with the baseline “In Flanders, we grow your way” and an image of stacked cubes with the basic components of a plant.

The baseline describes the individuality and strengths of the Flemish floriculture sector. The strong network of Flemish ornamental growers guarantees a broad product range and a large solution focus. The image shows the diversity of the Flemish floriculture sector and illustrates the great focus on solutions.

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