Floribusiness Incredible roses aims at restaurants with tasteful roses

    Incredible roses aims at restaurants with tasteful roses


    A new division of a Dutch nursery has launched edible garden roses. They have been specially selected for their flavor and use in hotels and restaurants.

    Incredible roses started just recently from the location of Sluiter Ellwoodii in Opheusden, one of the leading nurseries in Netherlands with pot grown conifers.

    Willianne Sluiter, director of Incredible roses, produces different rose varieties bred by Pheno Geno Roses in Netherlands and Serbia, as well bred by De Ruiter Innovations. The range will increase. At this moment she offers six edible roses: Incredible Delicate, Incredible Delight, Incredible Spicy, Incredible Exotic, Incredible Lemon and Incredible Sweet.

    „The roses are selected for taste and ingredients”, says Sluiter. „They are beautiful scented roses that chefs from restaurants can use for their natural flavors.”

    She will promote her edible roses this week in Dutch rosy city of Lottum, where the annual rose show is being held. This year’s theme is edible roses. Visitors of the upcoming Rose Festival, in August in Lottum, can also taste Incredible roses.

    Picture: Incredible roses

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