Industry is working on life cycle analysis for substrates

The Dutch potting mix and substrate industry is working on a Life Cycle Analysis for substrates. In order to compare the value and environmental impact of peat and alternatives objectively.

The president of the Dutch Potting Soil and Substrate Manufacturers Association (VPN), Ted Vollebregt, revealed this in an interview with Floribusiness. The association has examined peat alternatives for their degree of sustainability.

Currently, it is working on a LCA, a Life Cycle Analysis, for raw materials that are used in the production of potting mix and substrates. ’Is the LCA value of an alternative substantially better than the LCA of peat? It has to be proven first’, says Vollebregt.

The Dutch association is hoping that LCA can be used for the industry, at the end of this year and throughout Europe. ’We coordinate this with Growing Media Europe.’

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Photo by Arno Engels

Since 2000 Arno Engels has been editor of De Boomkwekerij, Dutch magazine for hardy nursery stock. Since 2018 he is also Floribusiness editor. He was brought up connecting with horticulture, studied horticulture and worked at several nurseries in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
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