Jan van Dam (DFG) ‘A new CEO doesn’t equal a new policy’

Jan van Dam’s settling-in period as CCO of Dutch Flower Group wasn’t quite as he’d imagined. By now, seven months into his new role, he’s got a good grasp of the sector and the chain partners. He believes that careful listening is key to learning how products can be moved from A to B in an even better way. Jan van Dam: “If you carefully study the entire process, you’ll find something illogical somewhere.”

After Prague and Boston, Jan van Dam’s new work location became Aalsmeer. His first six months with Dutch Flower Group are behind him now. The outbreak of the coronavirus meant that his settling-in period looked very different from the way he’d imagined it in January.

“I was never that aware of the emotional impact of flowers, but during the past few months, that’s what stood out for me. It was great to see.” In a few months’ time, Van Dam will take over from current CEO Marco van Zijverden. Time to get to know him a bit better.

From Ahold to Dutch Flower Group. Why this step?

“After eight years of working abroad, I moved back to the Netherlands with my family two years ago. I was an Albert Heijn board member at the time. I really enjoyed it, but I also felt it was time for something different. A mutual acquaintance introduced me to Marco. We met at an event and spoke about trends, the American market and e-commerce. We clicked immediately and one thing led to another.”(..)

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