Floribusiness Mini drones eliminate insects in greenhouses

    Mini drones eliminate insects in greenhouses


    A Dutch enterprise started from a technical university is developing mini drones that can trace and eliminate insects in greenhouses.

    PATS Indoor Drone Solutions explained their concept at the special Dutch event Vision, Robotics & Motion. „Our concept is still at a very early stage”, said one of the co-founders Bram Tijmons.

    PATS, linked to aerospace engineering of TU Delft, is working on a prototype of a mini drone: it measures only 4 by 4 centimetres. The intention is to install several base stations in a greenhouse, from where the drones can fly away, trace insects, eliminate them and then fly back to the station.

    When the concept will work, PATS think the drones can help to reduce the use of pesticides furthermore.

    Picture: PATS

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    Stephane De Greef

    Calling BS on this 🙂

    Check what scientists say about it: https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1XDPuB8ccgbBr