Not enough airfreight capacity for Latin American flower sector

After a hectic year, calm has been restored to the flower sector in Latin America. There’s been great demand for the flowers from Ecuador and Colombia. However, when it comes to transport and logistics, there are still many challenges. Airfreight is expensive, and the supply of necessities like fertiliser and plastic has been irregular.

A few calls with branch organisations, growers and partners in the logistics chain in flower countries Colombia and Ecuador revealed that especially air transport continues to be a problem. Although Asocolflores (organisation for Colombian flower exporters) speaks of a top year for the flower industry, there are still difficulties with transport and logistics.

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Everyone in the sector agrees that air cargo is a challenge. One of the reasons for this is the pandemic, which significantly reduced the number of passenger flights. “When you’re talking about transporting goods by air, most people think of cargo airplanes. But a lot of air cargo is in fact shipped by passenger planes”, explained Stefan Lommen of Logiztik Alliance. At least 50% it seems. “Under normal market circumstances, more air cargo is shipped in passenger planes than in cargo planes.” (..)

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