‘People in New York, and Uithoorn should all be able to identify with spray roses’

“There’s no manual for what we’re doing, this is pioneering like in the days of the East India traders. So, it’s a learning process”, says Pascal Koeleman of 2Dezign on a sunny terrace outside a busy beach café in Noordwijk. The marketeer tells us all about the collaboration between spray rose growers from China, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya. 23 Interplant partners and the breeder himself joined forces to promote spray roses across the globe under the brand name World of Spray Roses. Something that hasn’t been done before, so yes, you could say they’re pioneers.

Photo 2Dezign

1.3 billion stems

The project was initiated by Interplant. The breeder accounts for 85% of all spray rose varieties that are planted worldwide, reports CEO Robert Ilsink. Around 80% – 1.3 billion stems – of the entire global production across roughly 1,300 ha originates from the World of Spray Roses. Robert, joint director of Interplant Roses together with his brother Martijn, refers to spray roses as ‘our baby’. It was their father, Pieter Ilsink, who started developing these flowers.

Son Jurjen (fourth generation) is responsible for the promotion of the World of Spray Roses on behalf of Interplant. (..)

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